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Giovanna Burgess Geathers, MA, LPC, LPC/S

Licensed Professional Counselor SC Lic No. 5375 and Supervisor SC Lic No. 6687

Licensed Professional Counselor GA #LPC011224

Giovanna, a Licensed Professional Counselor, is the proud owner of Touchstone Counseling & Coaching in Greenville, SC. Holding licenses in both South Carolina and Georgia, she extends her services to clients through virtual therapy platforms. Giovanna earned her master's degree in counseling from Webster University in 2004 and obtained her counseling license in 2009.

With an extensive background spanning over 20 years in social and human services, Giovanna specializes in individual, couples, group, and family therapy, catering to diverse age groups from adolescents to older adults. Her areas of expertise include addressing depression and anxiety, bipolar disorder, sexual abuse, domestic violence, relationship issues, adolescent concerns, and family conflicts. Not only is she a prominent solution-focused therapist, but Giovanna is also the author of "Why Am I Still Single," a book featured at the Essence Festival in New Orleans in 2018 and 2019.

Giovanna wears multiple hats as a life coach, corporate wellness trainer, workshop facilitator, and transformational speaker. Her clientele spans across the Southeast, NYC, and Phoenix, AZ. Additionally, she is a certified facilitator for Prepare Enrich, a program aimed at strengthening relationships for couples.

Utilizing evidence-based techniques such as CBT (talk therapy), experiential methods, NLP, and mindfulness, Giovanna meets her clients where they are and provides a roadmap to guide them toward their desired outcomes. Those who work with her often describe her as a "Mental Health Midwife," assisting them in giving birth to their greatest potential.

Giovanna's daily mission is to empower each client, family, group, and couple to discover, uncover, and recover their innate personal power. For speaking engagements and a list of topics, you can connect with Giovanna at www.giovannageathers.com.


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