Life Coaching

Life Coaching

“Coaching , is a teaching, training or development process via which an individual is supported while achieving a specific personal or professional result or goal. The individual receiving coaching may be referred to as the Client. Occasionally, the term coaching may be applied to an informal relationship between two individuals where one has greater experience and expertise than the other and offers advice and guidance as the other goes through a learning process. This form of coaching is similar to mentoring. The structures, models and methodologies of coaching are numerous, and may be designed to facilitate thinking or learning new behavior for personal growth or professional advancement. There are also forms of coaching that help the Client improve a physical skill, like in a sport or performing art form. Some coaches use a style in which they ask questions and offer opportunities that will challenge the Client to find answers from within him/herself. This facilitates the learner to discover answers and new ways of being based on their values, preferences and unique perspective.”

How Coaching Differs from Therapy :

Life coaching is NOT therapy and there is no therapeutic relationship although they can be used separately or together to create a strong foundation for your life. Therapy helps you understand attitudes or behaviors from your past, heal and gain closure. Coaching looks at how your past impacts you now. It focuses on the present and moves you forward by using your strengths, gifts, and inherent wisdom to guide you to a more balanced and fulfilling future. In short, as your coach, I play the role of a collaborator rather than an expert and I am not intending to diagnose, treat, or cure any illness, disease or disorder. However if at any point, I deem that therapy is necessary to a client’s overall health, safety and well-being, then I will recommend it and either refer the Client to an appropriately licensed entity or offer my own therapeutic services.

Areas of Coaching:

Self Enhancement:

Shifting Your Relationship with FEAR

Overcoming Perfectionism & Not Being Good Enough

Overcoming Procrastination & Self Sabotage

Letting Go of Anger & Resentment

Increasing Happiness

Overcoming Rejection & Abandonment

Developing/Enhancing Self-Love & Self-Acceptance

Developing Healthy Boundaries & learning to Say No

Overcoming Mommy/Daddy issues

Releasing Excess Physical & Emotional Weight

Increasing Self-Confidence

Becoming a Highly Sought-After Speaker/Life Coach



Keys to Manifesting

Using The Law of Attraction

Achieving Millionaire Status

Overcoming Money Blocks

Relationships :

Effective Communication & Problem Solving

Establishing & Enhancing Intimacy

Navigating Singleness

Establishing Healthy Dating Patterns


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